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Making Search Interfaces Available in a Search Hub With the .NET Interface Editor

A search hub contains one or more Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces. As a Coveo administrator, using the .NET Interface Editor, you can create a hub that contains one or more search interfaces appropriate to a specific audience of the search hub.

To select the search interfaces available in a search hub with the .NET Interface Editor

  1. Access the Coveo .NET Front-End Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor).

  2. Select Search Hubs > Content.

  3. On the menu, in the Current Hub drop-down list, select the hub for which you want to select the available search interfaces.

  4. In the panel on the left, select Standard Version.

    The search interfaces appearing in the list will appear in the search hub.

    • To add other search interfaces, click Add (see Adding Search Interfaces to a Search Hub With the .NET Interface Editor).

    • To remove search interfaces:

      1. Select the check box in front of one or more search interfaces that you want to remove from the search hub.

      2. Click Remove Selection.

      3. Click Yes at the question asking to confirm the search interface removal.

    • To change the order in which the search interfaces appear, use the Up and Down links.

  5. When needed, repeat the previous step to select available search interface when accessing the hub from:

    • Mobile devices, by clicking Mobile Version.

    • The Outlook Sidebar, by clicking Outlook version.

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