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Managing Top Results in a CES Index

You can modify, disable/enable, or delete existing Top Results that are defined in your CES index.

To manage Top Results

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Index > Top Results.

  3. In the Top Results page:

    1. To modify an existing Top Result, click the Top Result that you want to modify, and in the Top Result page that appears:

      1. In the Queries box, on separate lines, you can add, delete or modify the query expressions for which you want to return the Top Result.

      2. Click Add Top Result when you want to add documents to be promoted at the top of the results list when the specified queries are used.

      3. Using the Collection, Source and Address boxes, select a new, or modify an existing Top Result document.

      4. Click Apply Changes.

    2. To disable an active Top Result without deleting it, click [Disable] at the end of the corresponding Top Result line.

    3. To reactivate a disabled Top Result, click [Enable] at the end of the corresponding Top Result line.

    4. To delete a Top Result definition:

      1. Select the check box for the Top Result definition that you want to delete.

      2. On the toolbar, click Delete.

      3. At the confirmation message, click Yes.

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