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Manually Deploying the Desktop Integration Package

The manual method for the Desktop Integration Package (DIP) deployment simply consists in making the DIP installer available to your end-users and relies on them to install and configure the DIP.

Note: With this method, all DIP features are enabled to all end-users. You cannot enable/disable or pre-configure folders to index as you can do with the GPO method.

To manually deploy the DIP

  1. Download the latest DIP version.

    Note: Ensure that you are currently using recent versions of CES and Coveo .NET Front-End and consider upgrading to their latest version to prevent compatibility issues (see Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version, Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 - Release Notes, Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0 - Release Notes, and Installing Coveo Platform Software Components). Contact Coveo Support for more information.

  2. Save the DIP installer to a location available to all your end-users.

  3. Inform your end-users of the availability of the DIP installer and provide instructions to install and configure the DIP (see Installing the Desktop Integration Package and Desktop Integration Package Configuration and Control).

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