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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Events Update Requirements

On a daily basis, users and administrators perform events in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system(s) that can affect the content (e.g., add a comment on an article) and/or the security permissions (e.g., change the role of a user). Coveo administrators must thus schedule or perform (when urgent) the right source refresh type to retrieve all security permissions and content changes, keeping the index of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM source(s) up-to-date.

The following table provides a list of events in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the required source refresh type to be scheduled or performed in the related Dynamics source(s).

Example: You share a record with a user, so you perform a source full refresh for the security permission change to be retrieved by the connector.

Events with an asterisk (*) character also require an update of the security cache (see Refreshing Security Caches) .

Some events have no effect on security permissions and thus do not require a source refresh nor a security cache update.

Note: CES 7.0.7711+ (June 2015) The incremental refresh supports email and Sale Literature out-of-the-box attachments modifications (addition, edition). The source full refresh and rebuild support the deletion of email and Sale Literature out-of-the-box attachments starting with the same release.

Event Name Minimal Required Source Refresh Type Security Cache Update
Incremental Refresh Full Refresh/Rebuild
Add a comment on an article    
Add a new record  

Add attachment on email


Add attachment on Sale Literature

Change hierarchy security manager/position  

Change ownership of a record

Delete a related entity  
Enable/Disable hierarchy security  
Modify a record    
Modify a related entity record    
Modify an entity's metadata  

Modify attachment on Sale Literature

Submit/Approve/Unpublish a KB Article    
Update a comment on an article    

Delete attachment on email


Delete attachment on Sale Literature

Delete a comment on an article.    
Delete a sharing permission on a record    
Share a record    
Change the role of a user    
Change user of business unit    
Modify manager/position of a user    
Modify position hierarchy    
Auditing is enabled/disabled for an entity      
Auditing is enabled/disabled on the organization      
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