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Microsoft SharePoint Connector

CES 7.0.6767+ (June 2014)

The second generation Coveo connector for Microsoft SharePoint allows you to bring the information stored on one or multiple SharePoint farms (tenants in SharePoint Online) into the unified index so that end-users can easily access this content. The connector allows Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) to crawl and index a complete SharePoint farm or specific farm sections, such as Web Applications, site collections, websites, lists, and document libraries.

Note: The document in this section describes the second generation SharePoint connector.

CES 7.0.6830+ (July 2014) The original SharePoint connector is still available and was renamed SharePoint Legacy connector (see Microsoft SharePoint Legacy Connector).

CES 7.0.7433+ (February 2015) A tool to convert your SharePoint Legacy sources to SharePoint sources is available. The SharePoint Converter Tool is pretty useful when you want to take full advantage of the improved SharePoint connector without having to recreate all your SharePoint Legacy sources. Contact Coveo Support to get the SharePoint Converter Tool.

The content of this section is also available for download in PDF format:
Microsoft SharePoint Connector Guide

Feature History

CES version Monthly release Features
7.0.9272 March 2018 Support for SharePoint on-premises SSO authentication with Okta [more]
7.0.8541 September 2016 Support for SharePoint 2016
7.0.7433 February 2015 Introduction of the SharePoint Converter Tool
7.0.7022 September 2014 Support for social tags and Web Parts Pages
7.0.6942 August 2014
  • Indexing and folding for document sets
  • Incremental refresh for web files and document sets
  • Refresh/delete a specific SharePoint section

7.0.6830 July 2014
  • Support for incremental refresh

  • Selectable crawling scope [more]

7.0.6767 June 2014 Introduction of this second generation SharePoint connector.
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