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Modifying the CES Log On Account

Coveo Enterprise Search runs as a service on the Coveo server. Following the CES installation, you may need to change the CES service logon account or change the password of the account. You need to select an appropriate account with sufficient permissions for the CES service to work properly (see About the CES Service Logon Account).

Important: When the password of the CES service logon account changes in Active Directory, you must also manually change the password in the Coveo Enterprise Search 7 Properties to allow the CES service to continue to operate.

Note: You can also modify the CES log on account using the Repair option of the CES installer (see Modifying, Repairing, or Uninstalling CES Components), but the procedure described below is simpler.

To modify the CES logon account

  1. Using an administrator account, log on to the Coveo server on which you want to change the CES logon account.

  2. Open Services (Windows Start menu > Administrative Tools > Services).

  3. In the Services window, double-click Coveo Enterprise Search 7.

  4. In the Coveo Enterprise Search 7 Properties (Local Computer) dialog box:

    Important: It is not recommended to select the Local System account option.

    1. Select the Log On tab:
    2. Select the This account option.

    3. Enter the desired valid Active Directory account name in the form domain\username (see About the CES Service Logon Account).

    4. Enter the password for the account in both the Password and Confirm password boxes.

    5. Click OK.

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