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Modifying the Language of the .NET Search Interface

Coveo .NET Front-End search interface templates are available in English (default.aspx), French (default-fr.aspx), Spanish (default-es.aspx), and German (default-de.aspx). You can use a .NET search interface in a different language by inserting the appropriate template name in the address.

Example: To replace the English interface by the French one, replace http://hostname/ces7/default.aspx?=myinterface by http://hostname/ces7/default-fr.aspx?=myinterface.

To add a link pointing to a .NET search interface in another language

  1. In a text editor, open the appropriate template (ex.: default.aspx).

  2. After the <body> tag, enter a link in the form:

    <a href="default-fr.aspx">Français</a>

    where default-fr.aspx can be replaced by the appropriate template and Français by the appropriate language.

  3. Save the file. 

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