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Modifying the Log Settings

Log settings determine the level of details registered for each log and the time period during which logs are kept. By default, they are deleted after 90 days. Three months is usually enough to identify and correct system errors.

When logs cannot be fully analyzed over the three month period, it is suggested to keep them longer to avoid losing track of unnoticed errors—allow sufficient index space (30 days of logs require at least 10 megabytes and can reach a few hundred megabytes depending on the number of entries and the level of detail registered).

To modify the log settings

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. Access the Settings page (Logs > Settings).

  3. In the Settings page:

    1. In the Queries section:

      1. Select the Enable query logging check box to start logging query information.

        When query logging is disabled, new queries are not registered. However, previous query logs are not deleted. All logs are deleted at the same time, after the specified number of days.

      2. Select the Record the username and IP address for each query to help you identify who is using your Coveo search interfaces. Allow sufficient disk space for the additional data.

        Note: When hundreds of users are querying the CES7 index on a regular basis, query logging requires a few hundred megabytes of disk space for each 30-day period.

    2. In the Index Log Level section, select the level of detail to register for the index log:

      • Detailed Information: Registers all events disregarding their severity.

      • Information: Does not register details.

      • Warnings and Errors: Does not register information or details.

      • Errors Only: Registers only critical errors (i.e. errors likely to cause a system failure).

      Note: The actual level of detail displayed in the logs depends on the Severity filter. However, log entries can only be displayed for registered events. For example, if Errors Only is selected, it is impossible to display warnings, information or details.

    3. In the Query Log Level section, select the level of detail to register for the queries log.

    4. In the Index Log Archive and Query Log Archive sections, select the number of days for which the logs are kept, or to keep all logs.

    5. Click Apply Changes.

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