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Modifying the Report Settings

Report settings determine how large query and index history are kept in memory. By default, histories are kept for 15 days allowing to produce charts and statistics covering the two previous weeks (two weeks are usually enough to define general trends). Keeping histories for a longer time period allows to produce long term statistics but also requires more disk space.

To modify the report settings

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Reports > Settings.

  3. In the Settings page:

    1. In the Index History and Query History sections, select the appropriate logging option.

      Option Description

      Keep index/query history for the last X days

      CES deletes histories after the specified number of days. For example, if histories are kept for 15 days, they are deleted on the 16th day.

      Keep index/query history forever

      CES does not delete histories unless the Delete index/query history older than option is used.


      CES deletes all histories and does not register new ones. This option saves the most disk space, but disables an important monitoring tool.

      Note: No message is displayed in the Query History or Index History page to indicate that it is disabled.

      Delete Index/Query History older than

      CES deletes all histories registered before the specified date.

      Example: Delete index/query history older than 22 January 2012 deletes histories from January 21 st 2012 and before.

    2. Optionally, enter the appropriate date in the Delete index/query history older than box and click Delete index/query history older than to save disk space.

    3. In the Top Query Count box, enter the number of Top Queries that you want to see in the Queries History report.

    4. Click Apply Changes.

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