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Moving the Index to Another Server

You may need to relocate the index to a different server.

Example: As the index size and the number of users increase, the performance of the original Coveo server degrades. You need to replace the server by a more powerful machine and move the index and associated files to the new server.

Important: When your Coveo implementation includes Mirror servers, contact Coveo Support for assistance before attempting to relocate the index.

To move the index to another servers

  1. On the target server, install the same CES version and build that is currently installed on the original server (see Identifying the Coveo Enterprise Search Version and Installing CES on the Master Server).

  2. At the end of the installation process:

    1. When the Create Index page of the Administration Tool appears, under File Locations, in the Folder box, ensure to specify the drive and folder where you want the index to reside on the target server (C:\CES7 by default).

    2. When the Enter License Code page appears:

      1. On the original server, using a text editor, copy the content of the [CES_Path]\Instance\License.txt file.

      2. Back on the target server, paste the content of the file in the License box.

      3. Click Apply changes.

  3. On the original server, put the index in read-only mode (see Toggling the Index Between the Read-Write and Read-Only Modes).

  4. On both the original and target servers, stop the CES service (see Stopping the CES Service).

  5. On the target server, open the index folder, and then delete the content of the folder.

  6. On the original server, copy the content of the index folder.

  7. Back on the target server:

    1. Paste the copied content in the index folder.

    2. When a [CES_Path]\CES7\Temp folder exists, ensure to delete its content.

    3. When the index folder paths are not the same on both servers, change references to the index folder:

      1. In the CES configuration file (see Changing the Index Folder in the CES Configuration File).

      2. In the Registry Editor (see Changing the Coveo Index Path in the Registry Editor).

    4. Restart the CES service (see Starting the CES Service).

    5. Put the index in read-write mode (see Toggling the Index Between the Read-Write and Read-Only Modes).

    6. In the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool), in the Index > Sources and Collections page, verify that all your collections and sources are available as they were in the other server.

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