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Opening the Administration Tool

You can access the Coveo Administration Tool using different methods.

Note: Only a Coveo administrator can access the Administration Tool. As a Coveo administrator, you can grant Coveo administrator permissions to other users with various level or access using administration roles (see Assigning Users to Administration Roles).

To open the Administration Tool

  • Using the Administration Tool URL:

    1. In a browser address bar, enter the Administration Tool URL in the form:


      Note: Starting with CES 7, the Coveo Administration Tool is directly accessible on a dedicated port from the search interface port. The default Administration Tool port is 8081, but it can be customized (see Ports Used By the Coveo Platform) .

      Examples: When you are logged in to the Coveo server, use: http://localhost:8081
      From any computer, use: http://MyCoveoServer:8081 or

      Note: If you get an error when trying to access the Administration Tool from a remote computer, make sure that:

      • The URL contains the appropriate port. 

      • The firewall on the Coveo server is allowing communications through the port.

    2. In the dialog box that appears, enter your Coveo administrator user name and password, and click OK.

  • Using the Windows Start menu:

    1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Coveo Master server.

    2. On the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Coveo Enterprise Search 7 > CES Administration Tool.

      Note: CES 7.0.6607– (March 2014) The page name is Administration Tool.

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