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OpenText Content Server Connector

CES 7.0.5388+ (April 2013)

The Coveo connector for OpenText Content Server (OTCS) allows you to crawl and bring OTCS content into the unified index, making it easily searchable by end-users.

Note: OpenText Content Server is a technology component that was formerly known as Livelink ECM - Enterprise Server (see the OpenText document Livelink is Now Part of the OpenText ECM Suite).

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
OpenText Content Server Connector Guide

Connector Features

Content indexing

The connector can retrieve and index exclusively the following default OTCS entity types:

  • Appearance Workspace Folder

  • Appearance

  • Category

  • Channel

  • Collection (without the children documents)

  • Compound Document

  • Discussion

  • Document

  • Enterprise Workspace

  • Folder

  • Live Report

  • News

  • Poll

  • Project

  • Prospector

  • Reply

  • Shortcut

  • Task List

  • Task

  • Topic

  • URL

  • Virtual Folder

  • Workflow Status


Fully supported security model

The connector fully supports the OTCS security model using a security provider to get permissions for each indexed OTCS item. This means that, in Coveo search interfaces, a user searching for OTCS content only sees the content to which he has access in OTCS.

Incremental refresh CES 7.0.5425+ (May 2013)

The incremental refresh feature continuously and automatically refreshes indexed OTCS items as they are modified.


  • CES 7.0.8541+ (September 2016) The incremental refresh can take account of deleted items (except news items) that are stored in the Recycle Bin module.

    A source full refresh or rebuild is required to update deleted news items since news are not in the Recycle Bin once deleted.

  • Incremental refresh limitations:

    • A source full refresh or rebuild is required to update added and modified items in projects, channels, discussions, and task lists (child items).

    • A source full refresh or rebuild is required to update child items permissions when the parent item is modified.

    • Takes into account deleted items only if the OpenText Content Server Recycle Bin module is enabled in OTCS, but with CES 7.0.8047– (Dec 2015), a source full refresh or rebuild is required to remove deleted items.

    • CES 7.0.8388+ (June 2016) Incremental refreshes are supported even if the Document Undelete module is not installed. However, when the module is not installed, deleted items (except documents) are not taken into account.

    • Not available for Livelink 9.7.1 sources.

Connector Feature History

Coveo Platform version Monthly release Features
7.0.9434 December 2018 Add support for OTCS 16 and 16.2
7.0.8225 March 2016 Add support for OTCS 10.5
7.0.5425 May 2013
  • Add incremental refresh for OTCS

  • Add support for Livelink 9.7.1

7.0.5388 April 2013 Introduction of the connector

What's Next?

Review the deployment process (see OpenText Content Server Connector Deployment Overview).

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