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Oracle UCM Connector Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to be able to use the Coveo connector for Oracle UCM systems:

  • Coveo license for the Oracle UCM connector

    Your Coveo license must include support for the Oracle UCM connector to be able to use this connector.

  • Oracle UCM version 10r3 or 11g

    The connector was developed and tested with both versions of Oracle UCM.

  • Oracle UCM using either Local Authorization or External Authorization bound to Microsoft Active Directory

    While Oracle UCM does support External Authorization from any type of LDAP repository, the Oracle UCM connector only supports Microsoft Active Directory. When this is not the case, you can however manually map permissions (see Configuring and Indexing an Oracle UCM Source).

What's Next?

Configure the account used by CES to crawl the Oracle UCM content (see Adding a User Identity).

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