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Ports Used By the Coveo Platform

The following table lists all the ports used to access Coveo Platform components or used between Coveo Platform components. Ensure that your network infrastructure allows the traffic between your Coveo instance servers for these ports.

Note: The following table does not include the port numbers used by the Coveo Platform connectors to communicate with third-party repositories.

Used by Default port Purpose Configuration
Master, Mirror servers 52800 The CES service port, used by Coveo .NET Front-End servers to send queries to Back-End servers (see About the CES Service Port) . When installing CES (see Installing CES on the Master Server) or later (see Changing the CES Service Port) .
Master server 52810 Port used by the Coveo Search API to access the new Coveo Search Web Service (see Search SOAP API Home) and the Coveo Admin Web Service. When creating the index (see Creating a New Index or Importing an Existing CES 6 Index Configuration).
Master server 8081 Administration Tool access port (see Opening the Administration Tool) When installing CES (see Installing CES on the Master Server).
Front-End servers 8080 Used to access web .NET search interfaces (see Web .NET Search Interfaces) and the .NET Interface Editor (see Opening the .NET Interface Editor) . When installing the Coveo .NET Front-End (see Installing Coveo .NET Front-End).
DIP and Desktop Connector 1980 Index content on end-user desktop and laptop computers (see Specifying the Personal Folders to Index). When deploying the Desktop connector and the DIP GPO (see Configuring and Indexing a Desktop Connector Source and Configuring the Desktop Integration Package GPO) .
Coveo Job Scheduling (CJS) service 56000 The Coveo Job Scheduling service uses this port to manage scheduled operations such as runs and jobs executed for the optional Text Analytics module. When used for the Text Analytics module, can be configured with TAnGO (see TAnGO Administration Tool) .
Coveo for Sitecore 5682 When installed on a Sitecore server, Coveo for Sitecore communicates with the CES QueueCrawler using RabbitMQ message queues through port 5682 (not the standard 5672 RabbitMQ port). CES 7.0.6339+ (January 2014) Coveo for Sitecore uses the 5682 port by default (see Installing Coveo for Sitecore).
Coveo Diagnostic Tool 52580 CES 7.0.6684+ (May 2014) The Coveo Diagnostic Tool website access port.  
RabbitMQ-Management 15672 Management and monitoring of the RabbitMQ server used for instance by Coveo for Sitecore. You can change the port in the RabbitMQ configuration (see Management Plugin).
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