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Predefined Text Analytics Fetcher

One and only one fetcher stage must appear at the beginning of a text analytics pipeline. The fetcher is responsible for getting the document set on which the pipeline will operate.

There is currently only one predefined fetcher plugin available.


The CESIQuerierFetcher fetcher retrieves documents from the Coveo unified index to assemble the document set that the text analytics pipeline will process. Use the following parameters to configure the fetcher.


By default, the title and the body of each document are added to the content to be processed. You can set these optional parameters to False to prevent these inclusions.

Note: AddBody works only when a Quick View is available for the indexed documents. You must select the Generate a cached HTML version of indexed documents source option to create document Quick Views (see Modifying General Source Parameters) .


Optionally, you can set one or more instances of this parameter to add the content of textual (string type only) custom and system fields to the process content.


This parameter scopes the retrieval of the documents by specifying a valid query.


  • @syscollection=Intranet
    Retrieves only documents from the Intranet collection.

  • @syssource="CRM"
    Retrieves only documents from the CRM source.

  • @syslanguage=English
    Retrieves only English documents.


This parameter must be set to True for continuous runs. The @sysrowid field value of the last processed document is saved in a cookie file specified in the <StateFolder> global configuration parameter (see Text Analytics Global Configuration Parameters).


This parameter specifies the number of documents to process between each saving of the @sysrowid field value in the file specified in the <StateFolder> global configuration parameter. By default, the state is saved every 30 documents to prevent writing to the file too often.


  <Impl>Coveo.TextAnalytics.Implementations.CESIQuerierFetcher, Coveo.TextAnalytics.Implementations</Impl>
    <!-- Scope which documents to retrieve -->
    <!-- A valid CES certificate is needed to search and retrieve documents -->
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