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PTC Windchill Connector

CES 7.0.7256+ (December 2014)


The Coveo connector for PTC Windchill allows you to integrate the content of your PTC Windchill site together with associated permissions into your Coveo unified index, making this content easily and securely searchable by end-users.

The Coveo connector accesses the PTC Windchill product lifecycle management (PLM) content by indexing the PTC Windchill PDMLink data.

Note: As of March 2, 2017, the PTC Windchill connector is deprecated (see What Does Deprecated Mean for a Coveo Connector?).
The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
PTC Windchill Connector Guide


  • Content indexing:

    • Site

    • Organizations (WTOrganization)

    • Products (PDMLinkProduct)

    • Libraries (WTLibrary)

    • Parts (WTPart)

      • Part usage

      • Alternate parts

      • Substitute parts

      • Reference documents

      • Described by documents

    • Documents (WTDocument)

    • CAD documents (EPMDocument)

  • Security model support

    The connector and the security provider support the PTC Windchill security model by indexing permissions associated with each PTC Windchill entity, so that search results only contain documents the user performing the search has the rights to see.

    The connector resolves the following security model entities:

    • Ad Hoc access control lists (ACL)

    • Policy access control lists (ACL)

    • Owner and All pseudo-roles (well-known), system and user-defined groups and dynamic roles

  • Language support

    The connector retrieves the content of the PTC Windchill default locale language which can be English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

  • Incremental Refresh

    Updated (added, edited, deleted) content items [Part, Document, EPM Document (CAD Part)] in a PTC Windchill site content holder are periodically re-indexed by the connector.



  • Custom Soft Type attributes for parts, documents and CAD documents

    The connector can index the most common types (list)

  • Security limitations

    The connector does not support the following security model aspect:

    • Security Labels (including Authorization agreements)

    • The connector and security provider do not take into account the following security aspects: 

      • Profiles (only hide elements from the PTC Windchill interface without affecting the permissions)

      • Administrative lock (Do not affect the Read permission)

    • Users performing the search have the rights to see the document if they have at least the Read or the Full control (All) permission. In the case of application data content items, the users must also have the Download permissions to see them.

Connector Feature History

Coveo Platform version Date Features
7.0.7338 January 2015 Improved incremental refresh support
7.0.7256 December 2014 Connector introduction

What's Next?

Review the steps for the deployment of the PTC Windchill connector (see PTC Windchill Connector Deployment Overview).

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