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Replacing the Identity in Database Connection Strings

In CES, you can create a user identity (see Adding a User Identity) and assign this user identity as well as the connection string to a database source (see Configuring and Indexing a Database Source). When this is done, you can hide the password and user ID in the connection string by respectively introducing the @uid and @pwd tokens. The Database connector internally replaces the tokens with the information provided in the user identity.


For a basic connection string:

Data;Initial Catalog=employees;User Id=companyUser;Password=MyPassword

Hiding password and user ID using tokens:

Data;Initial Catalog=employees;User Id=@uid;Password=@pwd

Important: You must provide either both tokens or none at all. If you do not provide tokens, but add a user identity, the behavior will be the same as before. The user identity will be used to impersonate the process running the queries.

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