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Reprocessing All Documents with a Text Analytics Run

Sometimes, you may need to restart a text analytics run from scratch, reprocessing all documents. The Text Analytics module keeps track of which document was last processed by each registered run that was executed at least once. This information is stored in a cookie file ([Run_Name].state), one per registered run, in the [Text_Analytics_Path]\State\ folder. The cookie file only contains the @sysrowid field value of the last document processed by the run.

To reprocess all documents from scratch

  1. Start TAnGO (see Starting TAnGO).

  2. Ensure that the run for which you want to reprocess all documents is registered, and then select it in the top-left panel.

  3. In the Job Details panel, on the line for the State parameter, click the reset icon to clear the @sysrowid field value, forcing the run to reprocess all documents.

    State reset icon - Click to delete the @sysrowid field value and force the run to reprocess all documents.
  4. On the toolbar, click Run to launch the run.

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