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Resolving Slow Search Interface Loading in Sitecore

When a Coveo .NET Front-End search interface is integrated in a Sitecore website (see Integrating the Coveo .NET Search Interface in a Sitecore Website), long search interface page loading time can be experienced.

Note: This topic is not applicable to Coveo for Sitecore, but rather to a legacy integration of a Coveo .NET Front-End search interface in Sitecore.

This unusual slow rendering of the Coveo search interface pages may be caused by the Sitecore cache settings. The Coveo search interfaces take advantage of browser caching to prevent repeatedly loading frequently used components, and therefore significantly reduce page loading time.

To resolve slow search interface loading in Sitecore

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Sitecore server.

  2. Using a text editor:

    1. Open the Sitecore web.config file.

    2. In the file, as shown in the following web.config file excerpt, ensure that DisableBrowserCaching is set to false.

       If true, all pages will have:
        Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store
        Pragma: no-cache
       in the http header
       <setting name="DisableBrowserCaching" value="false" />     
    3. Save the file.

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