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Reviewing CES Recommended Tasks

The CES Administration Tool automatically analyzes your Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) configuration to identify best practice tasks that you should perform to optimize the management of your Coveo deployment and prevent issues.

The following table presents possible recommended tasks.

Recommended Task Description
Synchronize Mirrors Synchronize a mirror that is not in the In Sync state.
Create a Collection of Sources Build your index starting with at least one collection of one or more sources.
Setup Mail Alerts Add mail alerts to be notified of important Coveo Enterprise Search events and issues.
Setup "Read-Only Mode" Schedule If you want to automate backups and anti-virus scans of your Coveo index, you must ensure that the index is in read-only mode during these operations. This can be done with schedules.
Modify the Web Connector User Agent When you create a Web source, the CES Web crawler identifies itself to the crawled server with the User Agent and User Agent Identifier values. You can modify these values when you want to better identify or track the Coveo crawler on the indexed site, or return specific content for the Coveo crawler.

To review CES recommended tasks

  1. On the Coveo server, access the Administration Tool (see Opening the Administration Tool).

  2. In the Administration Tool, select Status > Overview.

  3. In the Overview page, in the Recommended Tasks section:


    1. Click the task to go to the appropriate Administration Tool page.

    2. When you need more information on the specific task, click Help to access the related online help page.

    3. Perform the recommended task.

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