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Salesforce Connector Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to be able to use the Coveo connector for Salesforce repositories:

  • CES 7.0.5785+ (August 2013) [more]

  • Coveo for Salesforce license

    The Salesforce connector is only available on-premises if you have acquired a suitable Coveo for Salesforce license (see Coveo for Salesforce).

    Note: You can see if the Salesforce connector is enabled in your CES 7.0 instance from the CES Administration Tool (see What Information Is Displayed in the License Page?).

  • An active Salesforce account to a Salesforce organization

    The crawling account must have permissions to read all the types of content that you want to index (see Creating a Salesforce User Identity).

What's Next?

Create a user identity to be used by the Coveo connector to crawl your Salesforce content (see Creating a Salesforce User Identity).

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