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Salesforce Legacy Connector



The Coveo Salesforce Legacy connector allows you to crawl Salesforce content and bring it into the unified index, making the it easily searchable by end-users. The legacy connector uses a mapping file that defines the database object signatures as well as the objects and fields to index. You can modify the mapping file to customize the indexed content and easily add new object types and custom fields to optimally index your Salesforce database.

Note: The Salesforce Legacy connector is now only available to existing users with a CES instance that originally used this connector. The improved replacement solution is Coveo for Salesforce (see Coveo for Salesforce).

The content of this section is also available in PDF format for download:
Salesforce Legacy Connector Guide


Incremental refresh

The incremental refresh feature refreshes the content of the index based on the modification date of the objects in the Salesforce environment. If an item is modified, the incremental refresh feature refreshes the item automatically.

Customizable object mapping

With the mapping file, you can select which Salesforce objects to index. You can decide to index additional custom Salesforce objects and fields, or remove existing ones by just modifying the mapping file (see Creating and Using a Custom Salesforce Mapping File for the Legacy Connector).


All the fields of the retrieved Salesforce objects are indexed as metadata. You can therefore customize CES based on that metadata via custom fields.

Connector Feature History

Coveo Platform version Date Features
7.0.5785 August 2013 With the introduction of the second generation Salesforce connector (see Salesforce Connector), this connector becomes the Salesforce Legacy connector.

What's Next?

Review the deployment process for the Salesforce legacy connector (see Salesforce Legacy Connector Deployment Overview).

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