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Setting up Geographically Distributed Indexing Using a Mirror

You can set up geographically distributed indexing using a local mirror of a remote index (see About Geographically Distributed Indexing).

Note: You can create a two-way interconnection between Coveo instances by repeating the following procedure for the other direction.

To set up a geographically distributed index using a mirror

  1. Ensure that the Coveo instances that you want to interconnect meet the following requirements:

    • All Coveo instances of the geographically distributed indexing setup must reside on the same domain.

    • The CES search application pool for the local Coveo instance must run under a domain account. It is a best practice to create a dedicated account for this purpose with a strong password that never changes (see Finding or Modifying the CES Search Application Pool Identity) .

  2. Physically install a local server and install the Coveo Mirror software components without the web interfaces (see Installing CES Mirror Components).

  3. For the remote Coveo instance, configure the Master server to recognize and synchronize its index with your new local Mirror server (see Adding a Mirror Server).

  4. On the Coveo Master server of the local Coveo instance:

    1. Add the remote index (see Adding or Modifying Remote Indexes).

    2. Configure a scope that includes the remote index (see Adding a Search Scope).

  5. On the Coveo Front-End server of the local Coveo instance, assign the scope that includes the remote index to the desired .NET search interface (see Configuring the Scope of a .NET Search Interface).

  6. Using the .NET search interface for which you modified the scope, perform queries to validate that content from the remote index is returned (see Troubleshooting 401 Error with Remote Indexes).

    Tip: If needed, on the Coveo Master server of the remote Coveo instance, open the CES Console to validate that the remote index receives the queries sent from the local .NET search interface (see Using the CES Console).

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