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SharePoint 2016/2013/2010 On-Premises (Windows Classic) [AD] Source Quick Setup


  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements: 

  2. Create a user identity with a dedicated Windows account that has access to all the SharePoint content that you want to index. [SharePoint] or [OneDrive for Business]

    Key parameter Value
    Name You must name your user identity.
    User In the domain\username or form.
    Password The corresponding password.
  3. (Not for OneDrive for Business sources) On your SharePoint farm, install the Coveo web service and optionally the search box, and search interface (see Installing the Coveo Web Service, Search Box, and Search Interface into SharePoint).

  4. Ensure that the crawling account of your user identity has appropriate permissions, the crawling account must:

  5. Create a SharePoint security provider. [more]

    Key parameter Value
    Name You must name your security provider.
    Security Provider Type SharePoint
    User Identity The user identity you just created.
    Active Directory Security Provider The default Active Directory security provider.
    Security Provider for SharePoint Users None
    SharePoint Server Url The URL of the SharePoint web application where the Coveo SharePoint Web Service is installed in the form http://SharePoint_server:[WebApp_port]
    Authentication Type WindowsClassic
  6. Create a SharePoint or OneDrive for Business source. [SharePoint] or [OneDrive for Business]

    Key parameter SharePoint OneDrive for Business
    Name You must name your source.
    Source Type SharePoint (x64) OneDrive for Business
    Addresses The URL for the SharePoint farm sections that you want to index in the form https://SharePoint_server[:port]/path, where [path] is needed only when you want index a specific site collection, list, etc. [more] The URL for the SharePoint web application that you want to index in the form https://SharePoint_server:[WebApp_port]. [more]
    Authentication Type WindowsClassic
    Authentication The user identity you just created.
    Security Provider The SharePoint security provider you just created.
  7. Rebuild the source and validate that documents are indexed.

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