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SharePoint Source Refresh Troubleshooting for the Legacy Connector


This topic presents possible causes and solutions for error messages logged by full or incremental refreshes on a Microsoft SharePoint source.

Unable to perform an incremental refresh of source [SourceName] from collection [CollectionName]. A full refresh is required before an incremental refresh can be performed.

No change token was found for the current web application.

Possible causes:

Possible solution:

  • Perform a full refresh of the source.

The last refresh of the source [SourceName] from collection [CollectionName] was not performed recently (30 days ago). Consider performing a full refresh of the source.

The change token is very old, which has two possible consequences:

  • The SharePoint web services might refuse to send modified data because it may contain too much information.

  • The incremental refresh run might be very long, thus it may be more efficient to perform a simple full refresh.

Possible solution:

  • Perform a full refresh of the source

Unable to persist the incremental refresh token for source [SourceName] from collection [CollectionName]. Error:..

An internal error is preventing the crawler to persist the change token, thus the incremental refresh run will not be possible.

Possible solution:

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