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Sitecore Connector

CES 7.0.4863+ (September 2012)

The Sitecore connector allows Coveo administrators to bring the content of a Sitecore website into the unified index so that it becomes easily searchable by end-users.



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Sitecore Connector Guide

Advantages Over the Legacy Connector

The Sitecore connector documented in this section is a new re-engineered connector. The original Sitecore connector is now identified as the Sitecore legacy connector and is still available (see Sitecore Legacy Connector), but it is recommended to use this new connector (see Migrating from the Legacy to the New Sitecore Connector).

Advantages of the new Sitecore connector over the legacy connector

  • Reduced load on the Sitecore server

    Indexing processing is mostly performed CES rather than by Sitecore to significantly reduce the CPU load on the Sitecore server.

  • Enhanced security support

    The connector efficiently and accurately indexes permissions associated with Sitecore items, following the complex Sitecore security model.

  • Faster

    Indexing of Sitecore content is significantly faster.

  • Separate mapping and configuration files

    The configuration and mapping parameters are defined in separate files allowing you to more efficiently set up indexing of Sitecore content. The Sitecore connector uses the standard mapping file (see Standard Mapping File Schema).

  • Simple configuration

    You can get a full secured indexing of all content including referenced items and a nice Quick View by setting only a few parameters (see Sitecore Connector Deployment Overview).


Supported Sitecore content

  • All the site items

  • Referenced media library items

  • Security elements

Site item metadata indexing

You can customize the metadata collected for all Sitecore items to allow you to create facets, custom fields, sorting, and group by, based on this metadata (see Creating and Using a Sitecore Mapping File).

Media library item indexing

The connector can index the complete media library of Sitecore including files such as images, PDF, and other binary documents (see Include Media Library).


The connector uses a security provider to index the permissions associated with each Sitecore item so that in search results, end-users only see Sitecore content to which they normally have access (see Configuring a Sitecore Security Provider).

Incremental refresh

The connector periodically queries Sitecore for the latest changes, keeping the index content up-to-date (see Enabling Incremental Refresh on a Sitecore Database).

Multilanguage support for items

The connector can index the one or more language versions of an item (see Languages (String)).

Feature History

CES version Date Features
7.0.6424 February 2014
  • Support for Sitecore 7.1
  • Sitecore Anonymous user automatically mapped to Coveo Anonymous user so that a search interface user that is not logged in to Sitecore can see all non-secured Sitecore content in the search results.
7.0.5388 April 2013 Support of permission levels and sets (see Permission Levels and Sets).
7.0.4863 September 2012 Introduction of this 2nd generation connector

What's Next?

Review the steps for the deployment of the connector (see Sitecore Connector Deployment Overview).

Note: If you are currently using the Sitecore legacy connector, consider using the new connector (see Migrating from the Legacy to the New Sitecore Connector).

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