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Symantec Enterprise Vault Connector Deployment Overview

The following procedure outlines the steps needed to deploy the Symantec Enterprise Vault connector. The steps indicate the order in which you must perform key CES configurations. When needed, the step refers to a detailed procedure.

  1. Validate that your environment meets the requirements (see Symantec Enterprise Vault Connector Requirements).

  2. For a Symantec Enterprise Vault version 10 server, you must enable the indexing service (see Enabling Symantec Enterprise Vault Services).

  3. Configure the user identity.

    The Coveo connector needs an account to connect to your Symantec Enterprise Vault environment. Create a CES user identity (see Adding a User Identity) that contains the credentials of a Symantec Enterprise Vault account that meets the following requirements:

    1. Read access to the archives to index (see Granting Permission to All Archives).

    2. Read access to the SQL Server database called enterprisevaultdirectory.

    3. Member of the Local Administrators Group on the Enterprise Vault server


    • Create a new user which is a copy of the Service Account user in Enterprise Vault. This user should already have access to the database and all mailboxes.

  4. Configure and index the Symantec Enterprise Vault source.

    The Coveo connector needs to know details about the Symantec Enterprise Vault system to be able to index the desired content (see Configuring and Indexing a Symantec Enterprise Vault Source).

  5. Optionally, if you encounter issues, consider adding and modifying default values of hidden source parameters (see Modifying Hidden Symantec Enterprise Vault Source Parameters).

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