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Time Zone Error

The Coveo search interface presents date/time values adjusted to the time zone of the computer with which you access the search interface. When the computer accessing the search interface and the Coveo Front-End server are in different time zones, like when an end-user is traveling, in the search interface, the end-user may see a warning message similar to the following one: 

The time zone string reported by your computer (Tokyo Standard Time) is invalid. The results are displayed for the local time zone of the Coveo Master server (Eastern Standard Time).

Possible causes

  • On the Coveo Front-End server, the time zone from which the end-user is accessing the search interface may not be defined in the Windows registry.

  • On the end-user computer, the time-zone value can be missing, in an incompatible format, or corrupted.

  • A network device or process such as a proxy between the client and the server can intercept and modify the query received by the Coveo server.

Possible solutions

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