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Troubleshooting Jive Connector Issues

This topic describes general issues you may encounter while using the Jive connector and attempts to provide the best course of action to resolve them.

Incremental Refresh

Incremental refresh is not detecting modifications made to Jive permissions

Modifications made to permissions in Jive do not impact the last modification date of objects affected by the permission modification. Since incremental refresh is using this last modification date to retrieve objects to update, the permission modification is not detected.

When Jive permissions are frequently modified, schedule a daily CES security cache update to keep the index permissions synchronized with Jive permissions (see Modifying System Schedules).

Incremental refresh is not retrieving items that were deleted more than two weeks ago

The connector needs to keep track of items that were deleted from Jive in order for incremental refresh to keep the index up-to-date. Every time an incremental refresh run completes, items that were deleted more than two weeks ago are removed from the deleted history.

If incremental refresh was disabled on a source for a period greater than two weeks and you have more than one source performing incremental refresh on the same Jive server, you should perform a source refresh on the source where incremental refresh was disabled to make sure your index is fully up-to-date.

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