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Twitter v2 Connector Requirements

For you to use the Twitter v2 connector, your environment must meet the following requirements:

  • CES 7.0.8388+ (June 2016) [more]

  • Coveo license for the Twitter v2 connector

    Your Coveo license must include support for the Twitter v2 connector to be able to use this connector (see What Information Is Displayed in the License Page?).

  • A valid Twitter user account

  • An active corporate Twitter application


    • It is strongly suggested that you generate your Twitter account access token upon creation of your account. Doing this will simplify various operations requiring the use of API keys and access tokens.

    • It is considered a best practice to setup a Twitter application dedicated to the Coveo connector.

What's Next?

Grant Coveo access to the valid Twitter account and, in turn, to the content of all your managed users (see Obtaining the Twitter API and Access Token).

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