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Unsupported Back-End Version for a .NET Search Interface

The Coveo .NET Front-End validates the compatibility of the Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) version to which it connects on the Coveo Master server (Back-End). When the versions of Coveo .NET Front-End and Coveo Enterprise Search are not compatible, you will see an error message similar to the following one:

The CES version for the specified server is not compatible with the Coveo .NET Front-End version that you are configuring. CES version X.X.XXXX or higher is required.

Possible causes

  • You upgraded Coveo .NET Front-End and your Coveo Enterprise Search does not support new Front-End features.

  • You installed a new Coveo .NET Front-End version and bypassed the installation warning notifying you that your Coveo Enterprise Search was too old. Your Back-End does not support new Front-End features.

Possible solution

  • On your Coveo Master server , upgrade your Coveo Enterprise Search (see Upgrading CES).

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