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Updating the Database Schema of the Coveo Plugin for Jive


The Coveo plugin installed on the Jive server and used by the Jive 5/SBS/Clearspace connector creates a custom table on the Jive server database where it keeps track of deleted items. Following a server restart, this table is automatically created the first time the plugin is uploaded to the Jive server.

The definition of this table has been modified to support the SBS 4.0 platform. When your Jive server was updated from Clearspace 2.5 to SBS 4.0 and a Jive 5/SBS/Clearspace connector plugin for the Clearspace 2.5 platform was previously installed on that server, you may need to update the database. When this is the case, perform the following steps before you install the plugin for the SBS 4.0 platform.

To update the database schema of the Coveo plugin

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to the Jive server.

  2. Log on to the SBS server database.

  3. Drop the coveoDeletedItems table.

  4. Open the JiveVersion table and delete the coveoDeletedItems entry.

    The new updated table named CESLiveIndexing will be available following a Jive server restart.

What's Next?

Upload the Coveo plugin on the Jive server (see Uploading the Coveo Plugin on your Jive Server).

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