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User Identity XML File Format

This topic describes the format of the XML file generated when you export user identities (see Exporting/Importing User Identities). You can also manually create a user identity XML file using the syntax illustrated in the following example and XML element definitions.

Example: The following XML file contains two user identities.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Main element that holds all user identity definitions.


Element that holds the definition of a single user Identity.


The name of the user identity.


The user ID of the user identity.


Boolean value indicating that the password is encrypted when set to True.

Note: When you export user identities from CES, the XML files generated by CES always contain encrypted passwords.


The password of the user identity (encrypted or not).


Boolean value indicating that CES should allow the use of this user identity in Basic Authentication schemes when set to True.

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