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Using the Identity Picker Form

You must use the identity picker form when you specify a user or group for a security related feature such as assigning an administrator role, granting impersonation, creating a super user, or configuring collaborative rating.

To use the identity picker form

  1. In the Coveo Administration Tool, access a page where you must specify a user or group using the identity picker form (see Assigning Users to Administration Roles, Granting Impersonator Privileges, Managing Super User Access, or Configuring Collaborative Rating).

  2. In the identity picker form: 

    1. In the Security Provider drop-down box, select the security provider to which belongs the desired user or group.

    2. In the Type drop-down box, select if the desired identity is a User or a Group.

    3. In the Name box, enter the name of the user or group that you want to pick.

    4. When you selected a security provider (such as a Claims security provider) that has the Allow Complex Identities option selected, the Parameters section appears to allow you to specify additional identity parameters:

      1. Click Add Parameters.

      2. In the list that appears, enter the required Name and Value pair for each required additional parameter.

    5. When the form appears in a dialog box, click Add.

    Example: In a SharePoint on-premises Claims environment, you want to create a super user that emulates a specific group with specific claims to test the content that is accessible to this group.

    You select your onpremises SharePoint security provider (that has the Allow Complex Identities option selected), and then can click Add Parameters and enter the claims that you want this super user to have.

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