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Web Pages Connector

The Web Pages connector allows to index web pages from one or more URLs. For websites with secured content, the connector supports source level file permissions as well as forms authentication.

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Web Pages Connector Guide

Deployment overview

  1. When the web pages that you want to index are on a secured web server, create a user identity that will contain the crawling account credentials (see Adding a User Identity).

    Note: The Web Pages connector supports Kerberos authentication by impersonating a user defined in a user identity (with the user name in the username@domain form). The user must be from the same domain as the crawled web server.

  2. Using the Coveo Administration Tool, configure and index a web source (see Configuring and Indexing a Web Pages Source).

  3. For web sites with secured content:

    1. You can configure source level file permissions (see Modifying Source Security Permissions).

    2. When the website contains pages accessible only by filling forms, you can configure forms authentication (see Indexing Secure Web Pages Using Forms).

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