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What Are Security Providers?

Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) supports indexing the content and security permissions of several repositories such as Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Sitecore, Salesforce, and many more.

CES handles security permissions largely using security providers that act as bridges between the security model of each external system and the way permissions are represented in the Coveo index.

CES authenticates itself on the repositories using the parameters of each security provider, retrieves all accounts (users and groups), expands groups, establishes mappings between the various accounts of a user in different repositories, and stores this information in the Security Cache (see What Is a Security Cache?). Once mappings have been created for all security providers, CES is able to respect the native document permissions, returning in search results only documents a user is allowed to see.

A Coveo search interface can also use security providers to allow users to log in and validate their credentials for specific repositories.

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