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What Are the Possible Statuses of a Source?

The status of a source indicates the type of action (if any) performed on the source at the moment.

Status Description
Not Started Indicates that the content has not been indexed because, at source creation, the Save button is clicked instead of the Save and Start one (see What Is the Difference between Save and Save and Start?).
Idle Indicates that the content is indexed and no action is being performed on the source.
Indexing Indicates that the content is being indexed for the first time.
Rebuilding Indicates that all the documents are being re-indexed.

Note: Rebuilding sources requires more time and CPU resources than refreshing them; however, it is a thorough process which makes sure all documents are updated.

Refreshing Indicates that documents modified since the previous indexing date are being re-indexed.

Note: Refreshing sources requires less time and CPU resources than rebuilding them and is recommended to update the index on a daily basis. However, erroneous modification dates can keep the Coveo Platform from refreshing documents. Therefore, if the index history report displays an abnormally low number of updates (ex.: 100 updates for a frequently modified source containing 100,000 documents) it is recommended to rebuild the source.

Paused Indicates that the refreshing or rebuilding process is temporarily suspended. The Pause action is used to free CPU resources in order to speed up other refreshes and rebuilds.
Pending (crawlers are stopped) Indicates that the refreshing or rebuilding process has been started but cannot be carried out because indexing is disabled. Pending can be used because the number of threads for the connectors is smaller than the number of sources to refresh for the same connector. 

Note: To enable indexing, access the Details page (Status > Details) and click [Enable] beside Indexing is disabled in the System State section.

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