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What Information Is Displayed in the Index History?

The Index History page displays a chart and statistics about the documents subjected to indexing (including rejected documents). It is used to verify if the indexing process has encountered problems (ex.: CES was denied access to documents).

Note: Reports are limited to the content of the query and index history. To save disk space, query and index history are kept only for a configurable time period (see Modifying the Report Settings). By default, they are deleted after 15 days.

Section Description Action

Sources and Collections

Displays charts and statistics for the entire index or a single collection or source.

Select a collection or source to display, or display all the index content.


Displays charts and statistics for a fixed time period (for example, the last hour, 6 hours, week, etc.) or a custom time period (delimited by two dates).

Select an option and a time interval to display in the chart and statistics.


Displays documents encountered by the connector according to the type and subtype of action taken.

There are three action types and nine subtypes:

Indexed Documents:

  • Added: New documents indexed. Documents previously indexed are listed as Updated when a source is refreshed or rebuilt.
  • Updated: Documents re-indexed.
  • Deleted: Documents removed from the index.

Ignored Documents:

  • Filtered by source filters: Documents excluded by filters (see Adding or Modifying Source Filters).
  • Filtered by robot exclusion rules: Web documents excluded by robot exclusion (i.e. tags indicating that a site must not be crawled).
  • Filtered by document type: Documents excluded according to the document type set (see What Are Document Type Sets?).
  • Unchanged: Documents not modified since the last refresh (for refresh only, during rebuilds the documents are updated).

Erroneous Documents:

Select the type of documents and information displayed.


Displays the number of documents indexed, ignored or identified as erroneous during a specific time interval (ex.: between 9h00 and 9h30).

Point the cursor on a column to display statistics for this time interval.

Point a column with the cursor to display the indexing statistics for this time interval.

Document Statistics

Displays the number of documents indexed, ignored or identified as erroneous during the time period. Details the action taken on indexed documents (added, updated, deleted) and justifies why other documents are rejected.


Document Size Statistics

Displays the total size of the document files indexed during the time period, as wells as the maximum, minimum and average document sizes.

Note: Document Size Statistics displays the file sizewhich is different from the document size in the index (the size of the document in the index is usually inferior to the file size because CES regroups data to save index space).

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