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What Information Is Displayed in the License Page?

The License page displays information concerning the license used by the Coveo server and allows to upgrade it. Referring to this page is useful to validate restrictions associated with your current Coveo license.

The following table describes the information available in the License page.

Section Description
License Indicates the name of the person or organization to which the license was delivered.
Allowed Sources Lists the connectors available with this license.
Denied Sources Lists the connectors not available with this license.
Expiration Indicates the date on which the license must be renewed. Evaluation licenses are valid for 30 days. Full licenses either expire at a specific date or are perpetual as stated in the user contract.
Query Expiration Indicates the date on which the search queries will no longer be processed.
Support Plan Expiration Indicates the date on which the premium support plan must be renewed. Premium support is valid for a year (unless stated otherwise in the support contract).
Available search interfaces Indicates whether the SharePoint search interface is available in addition to the default search interface.
Document Restrictions

Indicates the total number of documents it is possible to index with this license.


  • To index additional documents, the license must be upgraded.

  • You receive notifications when the index is close or reaching the document number limit (see License Document Limit Notifications).

Allowed OCR Converters

CES 7.0.6684+ (May 2014) Indicates the maximum number of optical character recognition converters which can be used concurrently with the OCR Module (see OCR Module).

Configuration Restrictions Indicates whether the number of mirrors is limited with this license. The main index on the Coveo Master server is technically a mirror. The value A single mirror by physical index means that the license allows only the Master server. When you want to install one Mirror server, you must have a license allowing two mirrors.
Feature Restrictions Indicates whether some features are disabled with this license.
Super Users Allowed Indicates if the super user access is available (see Super User Access).
Analytics Allowed Indicates if the Usage Analytics Module is available (see On-Premises Usage Analytics Module).
Computed Facets Allowed Indicates if the computed facets are available (see Computed Facets).
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