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What Is Collaborative Rating?

Collaborative rating is a ranking factor based on personal appreciation (star rating) and the number of clicks on each document (see Rating a Search Result). It calculates an average of the appreciations given to each document by users of the same group and takes in account the click count on each document, and uses this average and click-through rate to fine-tune ranking. Because this process is performed independently for each user group, it tailors ranking to different types of users.

However, calculating this factor requires considerable CPU resources and can slow down CES. If this problem occurs, apply the rating to fewer documents (ex.: the 50 top ranking documents) (see Customizing Search Results Ranking).

Collaborative rating is displayed as a number of grey stars under each document (); whereas personal appreciation is displayed as a number of yellow stars (). Personal appreciation prevails on collaborative rating meaning that, once a document is rated by a user, its collaborative rating score is no longer taken into account during the ranking process.

Note: Collaborative rating is optional and must be managed independently for each search interface: 

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