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What's New - Coveo Platform 7 Introduction

This section presents the main new features that came with the Coveo Platform 7.0 when it was launched in mid 2012.

  • User Interface

    • Advanced navigation with redesigned facets and new user interface look

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  • Multi-Role Administration

    • Delegate administration tasks to various individuals within your organization by assigning them to administration roles

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  • Multi-Channel Text Analytics

    • Creates insight on structured and unstructured data by extracting themes and named entities across social and enterprise content

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  • Self-Optimizing Index

    • Automatic index compaction that reduces the footprint and increases performance

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  • Languages

    • Indexing and querying in 44 languages using a flexible language dependent stemming model

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  • Security

    • New security framework supporting multiple security protocols and certificate authentication

      [see more]

  • Connectors

    • Twitter (New)

    • Salesforce

    • ODBC Database

    • Jira (New)

      [see more]

  • And More New Stuff

Refer to the Coveo Platform Release Notes.

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