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Zendesk Connector

CES 7.0.7914+ (October 2015)

The Coveo connector for Zendesk allows Coveo administrators to index and integrate the content of a Zendesk customer service website into the Coveo unified index. The connector indexes all items from a Zendesk customer service website so that in the Coveo search interfaces, a user can easily find Zendesk content.

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Zendesk Connector Guide


The Zendesk connector features are:

Content indexing

Extraction and indexing of the following Zendesk item types:

  • Tickets

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Organizations

  • Articles

  • Comments

  • Attachments

Note: Since the part of the Zendesk API v2 for the Help Center is in beta, the content of Help Center communities (topics, questions, ideas and posts) cannot yet be indexed.

Mostly supported security model CES 7.0.8047+ (December 2015)

The connector depends on a part (User Segments) of the Zendesk API v2 to retrieve permissions for indexed items. Since the part of the API for the Help Center is in beta, the permissions can currently only be indexed for tickets and their sub-items (comments and attachments). This means that, in Coveo search interfaces, a user searching Zendesk content only sees the tickets to which they have access in Zendesk.


  • The Zendesk API v2 does not provide the permissions for the following item types: articles and their sub-items (comments and attachments). Most of the time, the Help Center content is public, meaning that the articles are made available to all end-users and agents, but in some cases, you may have restricted the access to some sections and categories (see Restricting access to knowledge base content).

  • CES 7.0.9272+ (March 2018) The Access Policies API has been removed by Zendesk on December 15, 2017 and replaced by User Segments (see [Sunsetting] Access Policies for Help Center).

Incremental refresh CES 7.0.8047+ (December 2015)

Supports incremental refresh to periodically query Zendesk for the latest edits, keeping the index content up-to-date.


The connector can run multiple threads, which can improve performances considerably (see Modifying Hidden Zendesk Source Parameters).

Partial Pause/Resume CES 7.0.8047+ (December 2015)

When indexing Zendesk ordered items such as tickets and articles, the connector can be paused and resumed.


  • CES 7.0.7914 (October 2015) The connector does not yet support Zendesk permissions.

    Important: In the Coveo search interface, a user searching Zendesk content could see content to which he has normally no access in Zendesk. Thus, it is currently highly recommended to only index Zendesk customer service websites with public content.

    Since Zendesk APIs can only be used by Zendesk admin users, it is currently impossible to limit the content to be indexed to a certain organization, group, or user (agent and end-user).

  • CES 7.0.7914 (October 2015) A full refresh is needed to retrieve the latest items modifications (addition, edition, deletion).

What's Next?

Review the steps to deploy the Zendesk connector (see Zendesk Connector Deployment Overview).

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