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About Related Results in .NET Search Interfaces

Coveo .Net Front-End 12.0.404+ (October 2013)

A Related Results panel presents search results from a .NET search interface other than the current one to bring to your attention, in a non invasive way, relevant results from a secondary source. Related Results panels have a look similar to facets and appear in zones on either side of the search results. However, they contain search results while facets contain refining items.

Note: A developer can also configure related results using the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (see Adding Related Results to a JavaScript Search Page).

Example: The technical documentation is distributed on three websites:

  • Online Help (end-user and administrator content)

  • Developers (developer content)

  • API Reference (content generated from source code)

In the screen capture shown below, when you search for information from the Online Help search page, in the center, the main search results present documents from the Online Help while relevant content from the Developers and API References websites appear in separate and dedicated Related Results panels on the right.

Using a Related Results panel is simple:

  • Each time you perform a search, the content of the Related Results panels present in the .NET search interface is updated to present relevant content from the other .NET search interfaces.

  • When you click a result in a Related Results panel, the document opens.

  • You can switch to the .NET search interface of the Related Results panel by clicking the Show all link.


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