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About Results Folding

Results folding is a feature that initially shows a few result sub-items and allows you to show and hide all other sub-items. By grouping same subject items, results folding contributes to produce more effective search results.

The following table presents in which .NET search interfaces results folding is available.

.NET Search interface Folded elements
My Email Email and instant messaging conversations
SharePoint and Intranet
  • Blog posts and their comments

  • Discussion board threads

  • Document sets and their items

Jive For Jive:
  • Related messages starting with the original message

  • Comments related to a document, a blog post, or a poll

Note: Coveo JavaScript Search interfaces also include result folder (see ResultFolding Component).

Folded results appear below the main result to which they are associated. As shown in the following date sorted email example, a plus sign icon initially appears followed, if applicable, by a few folded results or attachment containing the searched terms.

Main result – most recent conversation item matching the query
Up to two other most recent folded sub-items matching the search query
Attachment child items matching the query

Clicking expands all the associated documents and the icon becomes a minus sign.

Main result – most recent conversation item matching the query
All expanded sub-items (and their respective attachments) matching or not the search query. Starting with the most recent item.

Clicking collapses, or folds, the sub results back to their original state.

For conversation type results (emails, instant messaging, blog posts, and discussion boards), the main result is the most recent conversation item matching the query terms. The initial folded results are the next two most recent conversation items matching the query. When no other conversation items match the query, no folded results appear after the icon.

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