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About Top Results in .NET Search Interfaces

A Top Result is a document or item corresponding to a query expression, which is set by your Coveo administrator to appear before other .NET search results, overriding the normal ranking process. The purpose of a Top Result is to ensure that the most pertinent document or item related to a query is readily available to users. You can identify a Top Result when you see one yellow star appearing on the right of the search result title or subject.

Example: The financial director asked the Coveo administrator to add the Financial funding management report United Oil Final document as a Top Result for the united oil query to ensure that users searching for information on this company will see the final report. Whenever united oil is queried, this document appears at the top of search results.

The optional star icon identifying a Top Result

Note: In .NET search interfaces, top results are defined by your Coveo administrator (see Adding Top Results to a CES Index). The Coveo administrator can also choose to not include the Top Result icon on the right of the Top Result title/subject (see Activating Search Interface Options With the .NET Interface Editor).

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