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Around the Search Box in a .NET Search Interface

The top section of the Coveo .NET Front-End search interface is where you specify the search context. The out-of-the-box Coveo .NET search hub can provide a selection of available .NET search interfaces, a Do more menu, a search box, a search button, and a few links.

1 Tabs for available .NET search interfaces (see About .NET Search Hubs and Search Interfaces).
2 Search box panel
3 Search interface drop-down selection for overflowing search interface tabs. Your Coveo administrator can enable and configure this feature (see Configuring a .NET Hub to Show a Drop-Down List for Overflowing Search Interface Links).
4 Link to the Analytics user interface. This feature is only available to Coveo administrators (see On-Premises Usage Analytics Module).
5 Do more menu containing functions such as exporting results to Excel (see Content of the Do More Menu in a .NET Search Interface).
6 Link to the Advanced Search page, available only in web search interfaces (see Using the Advanced Search Page in .NET Search Interfaces).
7 Link to the Preferences page, available only in web search interfaces (see Modifying .NET Search Interface Preferences).
8 Link to the Coveo online help.
9 Search box where you type your query (see Performing a Search).
10 In a .NET search interface with a large scope, the Coveo administrator may choose to show collection check boxes, allowing you to select in which collections your query will return results (see Understanding Coveo .NET Components Hierarchy).
11 Time taken to return the results for the last query.
12 RSS  link to set a RSS feed for a query (see Receiving Updated .NET Search Results through a RSS Feed).
13 Link  to view the complete query sent to the Coveo server (see Viewing the Extended Underlying Query).
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