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Changing How Results Are Sorted

Sorting is the process in which search results are listed in a specific order based on a criterion. By default, Coveo search interfaces offer sorting based on query relevance and document modification date. The relevance criterion is based on the relevance score attributed by the Coveo Platform to the document for the current query (see Understanding Search Results Ranking).

Note: Your Coveo administrator can add other sorting criteria based on fields in .NET search interfaces (see Adding Sort Criteria With the .NET Interface Editor) and in JavaScript search interfaces (see Making Basic JavaScript Search Page Customization With the Legacy Interface Editor).

Changing the search results sorting criterion is useful for example when you are looking for the most recent document rather than for the most relevant document.

Note: The following procedure is illustrated with a .NET search interface, but the steps are the same for a JavaScript search interface.

To change how results are sorted

  1. Perform a search.

  2. Below the search box panel, click the desired Sort By criterion.

    1. Click Relevance to sort results starting with the most relevant result for the query.

    2. Click Date to sort results by descending date, the most recent document being at the top of search results. An arrow pointing down indicates the descending order.

    3. Click Date again to sort results by ascending date, the least recent document being at the top of search results. An arrow pointing up indicates the ascending order.

      The active sorting criterion appears in bold.

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