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Coveo Access Points

The Coveo Platform offers a number of access points from which you can search the information stored in the Coveo unified index. Access points can range from a simple Coveo search box integrated in an Intranet page, to a customized business process dashboard, with in between, multiple search interface hubs.

Your Coveo administrator can deploy a number of standard Coveo access points:

  • Default web search page – accessible using a web browser (see Web .NET Search Interfaces)

  • Desktop Searchbar – search interfaces accessible from anywhere in Microsoft Windows with one key stroke (see Desktop Searchbar)

  • Outlook Sidebar – search interfaces available within Microsoft Outlook (see Outlook Sidebar)

  • Search interfaces for mobile devices – search from a web browser (see Mobile Access Points).

Note: Your Coveo administrator can also customize and create new .NET search hubs and search interfaces. The Coveo Professional Services or your own developers can also adapt or create new solutions for your very specific needs.

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