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Coveo Search Box in SharePoint

The Coveo Platform can bring the full SharePoint content into the unified index to make it searchable from Coveo access points, including from a Coveo search box integrated in SharePoint.

Note: Your Coveo administrator must integrate the Coveo search box into SharePoint so that you can easily find documents available in SharePoint or other indexed repositories, directly from SharePoint (see Installing the Coveo Web Service, Search Box, and Search Interface into SharePoint).

The Coveo search box in SharePoint features a "search as you type" drop-down list of results where you can immediately pick an interesting document.

Coveo search box integrated in a SharePoint page
Search as you type results

You can also go to the full featured search page with your query by clicking the search button next to the search box. In the search page, you can use features such as the facets to refine search results and the Quick View to preview documents to efficiently find exactly what you are looking for.

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