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Coveo Software Installation

The installation of Coveo user interface elements is managed by your Coveo administrator. You, as an end-user, cannot install Coveo components. Your Coveo administrator should let you know the address for the Coveo default web .NET search interfaces or JavaScript search interface and other access points available within your organization. Using a web browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome), you can immediately start accessing information.

You may see the Desktop Integration Package (DIP) installation wizard appearing on your computer when the installation or an update is initiated by your Coveo administrator. In this case, simply follow the DIP wizard instructions (see Installing the Desktop Integration Package).

Contact your Coveo administrator to know what Coveo components are available to you within your organization.

Note: The Coveo Platform is highly scalable and configurable. Depending on the level of deployment and customization of the Coveo Platform within your organization, what is described in this documentation may differ from what you see in your work place.
In this documentation, notes like this one identify optional features requiring configuration by your Coveo administrator. These notes allow you to identify and ask for useful but not yet implemented Coveo features.

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